TriBy3 Performance Coaching




TriBy3 offers highly individualized, periodized training programs, one-on-one coaching, and team training. Our services include everything from technique coaching in cycling, running, swimming, and multi-sport, to weekly training programs for for all ages, abilities, and distances. Private lessons, group packages, and monthly training programs are available. For information, check out our options below.

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Private Coaching

Single and multi-sport private coaching is the core of what we do. At the base level, our online coaching programs provide athletes with individualized training plans. At the highest level, we do absolutely everything a client would need—in home mechanic services, “A” level race support, unlimited contact and communication in all forms, testing, lessons, in-person training, etc. Our private coaching is catered to the needs of the individual athlete, accounting for their time constraints, goals, budgets, and more. We have something for everybody!

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Group Coaching

For those interested in training as a group for a team race, we offer group coaching to get you and your TriBy3 teammates to the start line together. Team races are determined throughout the year given interest and anybody can sign up for group training. While you won't get a program tailored specifically to your needs, you will get a great team experience and the motivation that comes with working towards a goal surrounded by a group of committed athletes. Group training happens both in Brooklyn as well as on team training trips throughout the year. 


Individual session coaching

Want to be a better bike handler? Struggling with knee pain while running? Want to figure out how to shave some time off your swim and develop a more efficient stroke technique to get you there? Schedule a one-on-one bike, run, or swim lesson with one of our coaches. Contact us for more info or click below and select the type of lesson you’d like!