TriBy3 Performance Coaching

Training Studio


Training studio

TriBy3 Performance Coaching offers a variety of group classes throughout the week all year long, including CompuTrainer classes and group runs in Prospect Park. Check out our calendar to sign up for a class today! Let group workout classes take your training to the next level!


Computrainer studio

The TriBy3 studio features an indoor cycling setup complete with 8 CompuTrainer bike trainers. Trainers can be used during weekly CompuTrainer classes (sign up here) or Open Gym Days and team cycling classes for team members throughout the year.


treadmill training

The TriBy3 studio has three different treadmills to use during brick sessions, as a break from the pavement, or for individual lessons. Depending on your needs, we have a motorless TruForm treadmill for form-specific and high intensity work and a pair of traditional Cybex 550 treadmills to choose from. 


Momentum Sports Recovery Lounge

A large part of taking care of your body is recovering well. Housed within the TriBy3 Training Center you’ll find Momentum Sports Recovery, run by massage therapist extraordinaire, David Vargas. David is an expert in sport specific massage therapy, so whether it’s a session on his table or a stint in the cryo therapy chamber, you’ll leave MSR a whole new person. For more info on scheduling, contact us or visit David’s site.


Mechanic Space

Being a successful triathlete or cyclist is more than just putting in the training hours. Preparing your equipment is just as important as preparing your body to race. At the Brooklyn studio, we have a dedicated mechanic's space for athletes to make sure their steeds are well cared for.